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Explaining Your Frames

I recently had a conversation with a friend, who was deciding between a couple of different frames. This got me to thinking, we never really explain the numbers on the temples of your glasses.  Each one of those numbers means something.  And here is that explanation... Breaking Down the Numbers Almost any frame  you could … Continue reading Explaining Your Frames


Name Change!

It was pointed out that while my blog name of "The Eyes Have It" looked great on paper, in a web address it looked like Eye Shave It, so I have renamed my site. Welcome to the new and improved OpticalJedi!  

Why Children Need an Eye Exam

When it comes to young children, they don't naturally know how they should see, so they often will not express any complaints about their vision

Product Review: Varilux X Design

I have been wearing my new Varilux X Design for just about a week, and not to put too fine a point on it...

Eclipse warning

I know by this time everyone has seen myriad warnings about looking directly at the solar eclipse but this article appeared in my feed today I had to share it.   This is to emphasize just exactly how dangerous looking at the sun is: Man with eye damage from 1962 eclipse: Don't make the same … Continue reading Eclipse warning

Back to School!

As Kids go back to school, it's important to think about their eyes!

Sharing a Link

I felt it important to share this piece which popped up on my feed today.  Much of what is said here is very valid for the vast majority of you.  I realize that not everyone is comfortable, or even able, to spend $1000 on a pair of glasses, but thereare reasons we, as opticians, recommend … Continue reading Sharing a Link