You Pick Your Prescription

Most people are unaware of this basic tenet of the Optical Industry...You choose your own prescription! I know it, it sounds preposterous to think this could be, but at it's most basic that's what's happening.  Think about it.  You are asked to choose which you like better (1 or 2, A or B). But even … Continue reading You Pick Your Prescription


A Little Explanation on Progressive Lenses

There is a common misconception amongst patients which I've come across many many times. The vast majority of patients are under the impression that there is only one progressive lens.  This has been in great part due to a failure amongst all eye care professionals to explain the choices for fit.  At this time there … Continue reading A Little Explanation on Progressive Lenses

The Doctor isn’t Always Right

Typically, when a patient is handed off to the optician, a conversation has already happened between doctor and patient establishing some detail on what type of visual needs are to be addressed with new glasses (or contacts) and what recommendations the doctor might have for the patient. The vast majority of the time, this doctor/patient … Continue reading The Doctor isn’t Always Right

A lesson on communications 

I helped a patient today who hadn't been to see an eye doctor in many many years.  She focused on helping her daughter get care, and felt the drugstore readers were getting her by ok.   She'd had trouble with progressives in the past and also suffers from occasional vertigo. I felt pretty confident I … Continue reading A lesson on communications 

Welcome to your Optical Wellspring

Hello and Welcome! My name is Ric, and I'm here to be your Optical Guru.  Through nearly 30 years of experience as a dispensing optician, I've run across continual frustration with the reality that patients are not terribly well informed on what types of lenses fill their visual needs.  So, I'm taking it on myself … Continue reading Welcome to your Optical Wellspring