You Pick Your Prescription

Most people are unaware of this basic tenet of the Optical Industry…You choose your own prescription!

I know it, it sounds preposterous to think this could be, but at it’s most basic that’s what’s happening.  Think about it.  You are asked to choose which you like better (1 or 2, A or B).

But even more important than this, your personal state at the time of the exam can have a significant impact on what prescription you choose for yourself.

Hard Day at Work?

VDT Eye Strain.jpg

If you’ve just spent 6 or 8 hours staring at a computer screen, your eyes are tired and you have trouble focusing up close.  This means, during the exam, you will “choose” a prescription that is stronger for up close correction.  Even the amount of sleep you had the night before can have an impact.   Make sure you go into your exam with typical amounts of stress, sleep, and computer use to get a prescription most accurate for yourself.

Blood Sugar Feel Off?


If you are diabetic and have had difficulty controlling your glucose levels, or worse yet, don’t manage it with diet or medication, then your vision is constantly fluctuating with the peaks and valleys of your blood sugar levels.  The higher your sugar levels, the generally more nearsighted you are.  So if you’re spiking when you have your exam, you will choose a stronger “distance” correction.

In addition, poor diabetes control can lead to Diabetic Retinopathy.  This is a condition which causes small, “dark patches” in your vision which will not go away.  This is an irreversible condition and should managed and monitored very closely to prevent it’s development and growth.


Take Away

Remember, your exam is a “snapshot” of your life.  Your entire life and daily routine comes into play when finding your prescription.  Keep all of this in mind when coming in for your exam, or even when considering what day or time you want to schedule that appointment.

And remember, if you have any struggles with your prescription after picking up your new glasses, maybe it’s not the fault of the Doctor, maybe it had to do with how stressful your day was when you had that exam.


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