National Coffee Day

No new posts today.  It's National Coffee Day so I'm charging myself up for a busy week...and after an amazing night at a concert with my wife.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Professionals Only Blog

If you are an optical industry member, and would like to get into some more technical trade craft questions, I have created my new section at the link in the menu above.  First piece is up on Frame Selection/Fitting.  If you want in, please let me know you are a professional and your wordpress username … Continue reading Professionals Only Blog


More on Blue Light Filtration: Eyzen+

As Always, written entirely by Ric Peralta, The Optical Jedi I've previously written a bit on the importance of having blue light filtration, specifically focusing on children.  Today, I'd like to talk a little more about one specific manufacturer of this technology and the additional features associated with their product. What's the Deal with Blue … Continue reading More on Blue Light Filtration: Eyzen+

The Pitfalls of Online Glasses: The Review

Is it a good idea to buy your glasses online? Learn more here!

Review: Maui Jim High Contrast Lens

As always, written by Ric Peralta, the Optical Jedi In my continuing effort to present all new cutting edge and innovative products, today's piece is on the latest offerings from Maui Jim Ophthalmic collection--the High Contrast Everyday Lens (HCE).  This new lens technology, available both in Single Vision and Progressive, has been designed to assist … Continue reading Review: Maui Jim High Contrast Lens