New!!! Consultation Services Are Now Available!

I'm excited to announce, after many requests, I have launched a full consultation service for private practices to maximize their patient experience and improve the way they operate.

A New Solution for Your Pain – Neurolens: A Review

A deep dive into the advantages of Neurolens technology

Responding to a Question

As you may recall, I recently solicited all of you to find what it is you'd like to learn more about. Today's post is responding to the first question: Hello Optical Jedi!Thanks for the question.Last year I purchased a pair of sunglasses to wear while riding my bicycle – I got an Oakley Flak with … Continue reading Responding to a Question


Finalist for Transitions Brand Ambassador

I'm excited to announce I've been nominated as a finalist for the Transitions Brand Ambassador along with my colleagues Rachel Hill from St. Catherines, Ontario Canada and Roxanne Fermin, OD from right here in Los Angeles CA I look forward to meeting both of them at the Awards ceremony in January! VisionMonday Article

What would you like to see?

Hello welcome investigators of all things optical. I have admittedly had very few posts as of late. In part due to the COVID global pandemic, there has been far fewer new products than usual over this past year. I’m anxiously awaiting the launch of the new Transitions Xtractive Polarized in the next few weeks to … Continue reading What would you like to see?

A Comparison Review of Computer Progressives

March 17, 2021Ric Peralta, The Optical Jedi Over the last couple of years I have written about Computer Progressives, discussing some of the different brands with their relative advantages or disadvantages for your given work environment. But I've never really done a straight comparison wear for myself. So I felt it critical to address this … Continue reading A Comparison Review of Computer Progressives

Product Review: Oakley PRIZM Gaming Lens

Full Review of the new Oakley PRIZM Gaming Lens Technology, for gaming and general lifestyle use.

Full Review of Varilux Comfort Max

Ric Peralta, the Optical Jedi EDIT: UPDATED September 24, 2020 (see bottom of post) Ok, let's start with the big apology. I know it's been eons since I wrote a full review here. I've been focusing on the Instagram and Facebook posts over the last year or so, but given some of my recent feedback … Continue reading Full Review of Varilux Comfort Max

Diabetes Care

Interview on NPR Morning Edition with Optical Jedi, Ric Peralta

New Innovative Eyewear Solution

Very soon I will be doing a review and news post on a very creative new frame line from MASQ Eyewear.  It is a small independent eyewear manufacturer which is trying to find a new, single-price system for eyewear available directly from your optometrist.  

Sorry for the Extended Absence

The Day job has kept me busy lately, as well as being the dad of a Girl Scout selling the cookies like mad (she did 1000 boxes for the second year in a row). But now that the Cookie Season is over, I want to come back to give all of you some attention again. … Continue reading Sorry for the Extended Absence

Why do we lose vision at 40?

As Always, this was written entirely by Ric Peralta, the Optical Jedi First and foremost I apologize for the extended absence I had from the blog.  The holiday season, with a 10 year old daughter, a wife who bakes like a madwoman, and all that goes along with this kept me away for a bit.  … Continue reading Why do we lose vision at 40?

Common Misconceptions

As Always, this was written and conceived by Ric Peralta, The Optical Jedi I recently received a request through my Facebook page for a piece on contact lenses...and I am still crafting this, but in the meantime I wanted you to have something to whet your whistle, so today we're gonna review some common misconceptions … Continue reading Common Misconceptions

Importance of Children’s Eye Exams

Here is a video demonstrating the importance of children's eye exams.   Here are my stories I've done on this very subject. Back to School! Why Children Need an Eye Exam More on Blue Light Filtration: Eyzen+ Product Review: New Transitions “Style” products  

Next Piece: Contact Lenses

I had a request from a couple of readers to explain contact lenses a little deeper.  While I start the research and writing on the piece, here are links to a couple of earlier pieces I wrote on the subject. The Dangers of Mishandled Contacts Explaining Your Prescription Dry or Irritated Eyes?