No new posts today.  It's National Coffee Day so I'm charging myself up for a busy week...and after an amazing night at a concert with my wife.  Have a great weekend everyone!

National Coffee Day

Professionals Only Blog

If you are an optical industry member, and would like to get into some more technical trade craft questions, I have created my new section at the link in the menu above.  First piece is up on Frame Selection/Fitting.  If you want in, please let me know you are a professional and your wordpress username … Continue reading Professionals Only Blog


More on Blue Light Filtration: Eyzen+

As Always, written entirely by Ric Peralta, The Optical Jedi I've previously written a bit on the importance of having blue light filtration, specifically focusing on children.  Today, I'd like to talk a little more about one specific manufacturer of this technology and the additional features associated with their product. What's the Deal with Blue … Continue reading More on Blue Light Filtration: Eyzen+

The Pitfalls of Online Glasses: The Review

Is it a good idea to buy your glasses online? Learn more here!

Review: Maui Jim High Contrast Lens

As always, written by Ric Peralta, the Optical Jedi In my continuing effort to present all new cutting edge and innovative products, today's piece is on the latest offerings from Maui Jim Ophthalmic collection--the High Contrast Everyday Lens (HCE).  This new lens technology, available both in Single Vision and Progressive, has been designed to assist … Continue reading Review: Maui Jim High Contrast Lens

Product Review: New Transitions “Style” products

My review of the new Transitions Style colors and mirrors.

1 Year Review Recap on Varilux X

after a full year of wearing the Varilux X Design, I post my review update!

An Anecdote About Discount Eyewear

I wanted to share an anecdote from my practice. I recently assisted a walk-in patient. This patient has a fairly high near-sighted correction. Of course he's worn glasses since childhood so has some decent expectations on how his lenses should look. He was shocked at the thickness and "fish bowl" experience he had with these … Continue reading An Anecdote About Discount Eyewear

Dry or Irritated Eyes?

If you're suffering from dry eye symptoms, there are answers! Don't suffer in silence

Know Your Frames

In our modern world, we have thousands of eyewear frames to choose from, and hundreds, if not thousands, of frame manufacturers for all of those frame lines.  Despite what 60 Minutes wants you to believe, there is not just one company.  And knowing something about where your frames come from, can help you make educated … Continue reading Know Your Frames

Insurance can be Confusing

We just had an experience in the office today which inspired me to return to the blog. I'd like to begin by apologizing for the extended gap between posts. Sometimes life finds a way...and as the father of a Girl Scout during Cookie Season, well, let's just say I'm sorry I was away. Now back … Continue reading Insurance can be Confusing

A Word About Frame Adjustment and Maintenance

I know I announced my brief hiatus, but I wanted to talk a little bit about frame adjustment and its importance to the wearer. If your eyeglasses are not fitting properly on your face, not only are they uncomfortable, but it also adversely affects the quality of your vision through a variety of ways. Examples … Continue reading A Word About Frame Adjustment and Maintenance

Very Brief Hiatus for the #JediLine

As most of you know I am intimately involved with and the Star Wars lines we produce at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX in Hollywood California.  As our line for The Last Jedi starts in just one week, I will be tied up with many responsibilities to help this charity event take place and … Continue reading Very Brief Hiatus for the #JediLine

Review Update on Varilux X Design

I posted an initial review of the latest progressive lens from Varilux, the X Design, when it first launched back in late August/early September.  My initial review can be found here.  After wearing the lenses for a couple of months, I wanted to provide an update based on my continued observations. Review of Varilux X … Continue reading Review Update on Varilux X Design

Lens Materials Advantages and Disadvantages

Understanding which lens material makes the most sense for your prescription can be easy with a little help.