Full Review of Varilux Comfort Max

Ric Peralta, the Optical Jedi EDIT: UPDATED September 24, 2020 (see bottom of post) Ok, let's start with the big apology. I know it's been eons since I wrote a full review here. I've been focusing on the Instagram and Facebook posts over the last year or so, but given some of my recent feedback … Continue reading Full Review of Varilux Comfort Max


1 Year Review Recap on Varilux X

after a full year of wearing the Varilux X Design, I post my review update!

Review Update on Varilux X Design

I posted an initial review of the latest progressive lens from Varilux, the X Design, when it first launched back in late August/early September.  My initial review can be found here.  After wearing the lenses for a couple of months, I wanted to provide an update based on my continued observations. Review of Varilux X … Continue reading Review Update on Varilux X Design

A Piece of Correspondence

Today, I received an email from a reader, and with his permission, I am sharing it here.¬† I think the questions raised are excellent, and could¬† be quite helpful to some of you other readers out there! The Message & Response My Responses are set aside by color and italics Dear Optical Jedi: I have … Continue reading A Piece of Correspondence

Product Review: Varilux X Design

I have been wearing my new Varilux X Design for just about a week, and not to put too fine a point on it...

Progressive Lenses…Continued

There are quite literally several hundred progressive lens designs available on the market. Yes, you read that right.