In Which a Theme Develops

So, it looks like we’ve stumbled onto a new segment here at the OJ…Ask the Jedi is now a thing.  

I received another email today with some additional questions on fitting advice.  Here you go.

Today’s Email

Hi Jedi Master!

I read the “A Piece of Correspondence” article and appreciate all the specific advice you provide to us consumers as to lenses, frames, etc. I myself don’t have my actual prescription in front of me, it’s totally inadequate info but I remember being told two years ago that I was a -9. In other words, a blind bat with a high minus. I will be trying a VSP doc next February, but have had some talks with his office people beforehand. I went ahead and purchased a Prodesign 4729 frame, which I have been told works from a size standpoint (47/19/145 with a 39mm vertical measurement). That being said, the width of the frame where the lenses fit into (does that even have a name?) is somewhat smaller than my current Moscot frame. The Moscot measures 4-5 mm, while the Prodesign (which I don’t have in front of me) is probably 2-3 mm. Considering that my optometrist is going to probably going to recommend a Shamir Autograph III progressive in 1.74, do you believe those lenses will fit into that Prodesign frame, both practically and aesthetically?

A few more questions, if you don’t mind: 1) my current Moscots suffer from a bad case of “ring glare” on the inside of the frame, it’s the first thing you notice. My memory tells me we did a satin polish, which did not help. There’s not much on the subject, but the Jedis on [a professional optical site] seem to recommend not polishing the lenses at all. What do you think? If so, is it still possible to roll the lenses and to polish the visible edges of the lenses only?; 2) I am definitely going to get Transitions Signature, but the 1.74 lenses reduce my AR coating choices. My optometrist says he prefers Unity (a.k.a. VSP) coating over the Shamir’s, but he did not specify which coating. The only one I can seem to read anything about is the new Techshield Blue. I am not so much concerned with Blue Light protection (which is provided in some measure by the Transitions) as having the best AR coating available for 1.74 lenses. Any feedback? I don’t believe any Crizal is available at all in 1.74, but I could be wrong. I know you would need my full prescription to really choose, but is it worth it perhaps to drop down to 1.67 for the greater choices of AR coatings? On the other hand, I like thin lenses.

My Response:

Thanks so much for reading my blog! First things first, while a -9.00 is strong, my mother was a -13.00 so you still have a ways to go to be the strongest I’ve dealt with.
I’m not sure what measurement you’re referring to that is between 2 and 5 mm.  Based on the little bit you’ve provided here I don’t see any issue with the Shamir Auto III lens for you.  the VSP Unity coatings are fine, but I do think there are better choices.  The Shamir lens is compatible with Crizal Sapphire, which has the best light transmission on the market.
The glare issues you’re referring to are probably because the lens was rolled as well as polished.  The rolling can make the edge look thinner from the side view, but it increases internal reflections rather dramatically.  To minimize the amount of ringing, you probably want to avoid the roll and polish.  I prefer to never polish my lenses because it does negatively impact the optics.  Generally speaking the satin polish does improve cosmetics though.  Transitions Signature really works pretty great now.  I think your color choices will be limited to grey only in a 1.74 but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  You can also get Graphite Green and Brown in 1.67.
If you do a Varilux digital progressive (think X Design, Physio DRX, etc.) you will get additional blue light protection as well.

PS- I don’t wish to countermand the recommendations of the doctors and opticians out there.  They are always going to be more deeply familiar with the prescription, frame and lens fit of the patient than I will (unless they come see me).  But based on the information provided, these would be my recommendations.  Knowing specifics of frame fit (i.e. actually seeing how it sits on the face) can sometimes change what my recommendations might be.

If you’d like to contact me for you own piece of Correspondence, please feel free to shoot me an email!


2 thoughts on “In Which a Theme Develops

  1. I sent these questions to the Optical Jedi, and his willingness to answer them is awesome! We consumers don’t get to speak in depth to the optical labs, and while i trust my optometrist with my eyes and the products he recommends, it never hurts to have a second opinion to inform my decisions. The Force is with the Optical Jedi!

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