Questions on Light Sensitivity

A friend recently sent me a Facebook Messenger question, and allowed for me to share it.  Here is our conversation on light sensitivity…

A.L.:  Hey Ric I have a professional question for you. I seem to be very sensitive to bright lights especially flashing ones. I can’t handle strobe lights or white fireworks. I also need to have sunglasses when I’m outside when it’s bright. I know a lot of people want sunglasses but I feel like I really need them. And I know other people don’t seem to have the issues with strobes and fireworks that I do. I’m wondering if there’s anything that I can actually do about this or if I just need to continue living with it and dealing with it. I thought you might have some insight.
And to be clear when I say I can’t handle strobe lights or fireworks I mean they cause me actual physical pain.

O.J.:  You’re not the first one I heard about having this issue. There isn’t a way to make it go away necessarily

You will want to spend the money on good sunglasses.
A.L.:  That’s kind of what I figured. [SPOUSE] had to lead me through some parts of the mazes with my eyes closed because of the strobes.
O.J.:  Night stuff is harder to deal with. Perhaps using a blue blocker lens for those situations.  Something like an Eyezen with a good Anti-Reflective, which filters just a specific band of blue light without altering the colors you perceive too much.  If that doesn’t work using a lens with more of a yellow filter like Prevencia or GUNNAR lenses might help. Though a Gunnar solution will change your color perception quite a bit.

I highly recommend Maui Jim for sunglasses. You can’t find better
A.L:  Cool. I never really knew which brands were expensive for the sake of being expensive and which were actually quality.
O.J.:  Maui does not have sales or discounts other than discontinued models at Costco.
A.L.: OK
O.J.:  Their lens tech is patented and better than any other. Probably suggest either the true grey or HCL lens color.
A.L.:  Thank you! I’ll look into those.

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